About Gemini: Learner, Speaker and Thinker

Geminis are the life of the party, the spark that ignites the conversation, and the ones who keep you on your toes. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Geminis are known for their quick wit, insatiable curiosity, and infectious energy. But what makes these social butterflies tick? Look at this dynamic zodiac sign’s traits, … Read more

The 7 Main Chakras & How to Start Working With Them

If you have heard of chakras and want to learn more about them, I can help. Chakras can help you with self-discovery, healing, and growth. Learning about your chakras will take you deep into the heart of your being, helping you profoundly understand yourself, face your fears, and open your true potential. What are Chakras? … Read more

Love Birds? Why Not Start Bird Watching?

Are you interested in exploring the wonderful world of bird watching? Bird watching is a delightful pastime that involves spotting various bird species in their natural habitats. It’s a calming yet exciting activity that allows you to appreciate the beauty of nature while observing the unique characteristics and behaviors of different birds. In a world … Read more

Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress: A Practical Guide by Kinrys & Gold (Book review)

Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress: A Practical Guide by Gustavo Kinrys MD My rating: 4 of 5 stars Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress: A Practical Guide by Gustavo Kinrys provides several natural ways to lessen stress and anxiety. The author focused on herbs, psychosocial, and natural solutions to stress. This book is well-edited. … Read more

Personal Guide to Numerology: Self-Discovery and Empowerment

For many years, astrology has garnered a loyal following with its remarkable accuracy and ability to shed light on our lives. However, another mystical art has recently caught my attention: numerology. Like astrology, numerology guides you and is a divine discipline that unveils fascinating insights about ourselves and our world. Imagine my surprise when the … Read more

5 Common Myths About Debt Debunked

Are you drowning in debt and feeling like there’s no way out? You’re not alone. Debt is not a moral failure, as some try to make it out to be. The truth is there are a lot of myths surrounding debt that can keep you trapped in a cycle of financial stress. In this blog, … Read more

Planners Can Work For People with ADHD

“Planners don’t work with people who have ADHD.” “I wish neurotypicals would stop recommending planners. They don’t work!” “I have so many unused planners lying around.” Planning With ADHD Hi, I’m Kat of Planners By Kat, and I’m neurodivergent in so many terrific ways. LOL. I have it all. And I use planners. I may … Read more

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