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Owner of Planners by Kat


As a creative entrepreneur, I specialize in designing and selling planners and other organizational tools to help people stay organized and on track. My passion is to provide high-quality, functional, but aesthetically pleasing products and excellent customer service.


Check out this diverse range of journals. Tailored for a variety of purposes to suit your unique needs.

Refund Policy. Unless otherwise stated in the product description, digital products cannot be returned and refunded.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Happy Customers

High quality and very handy to have!

Cin H. 05/22/2022

Review of email templates

Exactly what I wanted. Thanks!

Tiffany 02/28/23
Review of bird log printables

I’m just starting out, so this year will be my first Black Friday promotion. These emails are so helpful and will save me tons of time and uncertainty!

Michelle 10/02/2022

Review of email templates

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